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  • @zoglesby that's a shame to hear the SW is still iffy. I was contemplating picking one up as an alternative to the RPI

  • @zoglesby you might check out the various devices from pine64. Inexpensive ARM-based laptops and devices for Linux.

  • @tkoola great choice, I loved this book! I hope you enjoy it.

  • @thatkruegergirl my use of GoodNotes is fairly similar to Matt’s. I use it to jot down ideas before I put them into Notion. There’s something about the slower pace of writing by hand in GoodNotes that affords me the time to actually think and brainstorm.

  • @thatkruegergirl I've been arranging my micro.blog site to be more of a commonplace book as well -- at the moment, almost entirely favorite quotes from novels but will likely expand. I like it so far!