about me

my name is jefferson burson.


After many years of routing packets and keeping the Internets working as a network engineer or architect, I am now Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture at Harvard University, helping drive technology strategy for Harvard, its schools, and research community. This is even more awesome than it sounds.


My family and home are near constant sources of joy and peace. I married Erika on the first day of 2010 and had the pleasure of building a family with her, T, Z, and X. Since then, we’ve added two wonderful kids to the mix — Q and E — who are very much their parents’ children in the best possible ways.


In my jealously guarded small moments of leisure time, I write science fiction, read voraciously, play with gadgets and technology, contribute to my local community’s activities to address climate change, and occasionally dabble in lunar geography.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in History, another in Social/Political Science, and a Master’s in English and Creative Writing.

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